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Our legal office concentrates on a long term appearance by attorney in the field of civil law and mainly on contract creation while dealing with property transfers or also on trials related to ownership issues and damage compensations. We also cooperate with real estate agencies while solving cases related to real estate.

Based on our long history and amount of successfully solved cases, we are able to help our clients also in the field of offences and criminal law.

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Our legal team

Mgr. Petr Mimochodek


Mgr. Petr Vasilev

lawyer clerk

Mgr. Barbora Mimochodková

lawyer clerk

JUDr. Vladimír Trnka

cooperating lawyer

JUDr. Petr Zderčík


Alena Sedlářová


Jitka Kvizdová



The fee for legal services is stipulated based on a mutual agreement with client. The fee agreement is affected mainly by the difficulty of the case, time demand of the given issue and also the volume of provided legal services and a potential compensation based on the length of the relationship with the client.

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